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Despite the fact that thousands of new projects are launched every month, new projects are increasingly growing fast, however, some people are greedy enough to take risks and hope for success. AVNRich is seeking for innovative ideas in which investors might be interested to participate in. This is usually a novel approach to engagement that provides flexibility and community participation. Thus, the AVNRich team has developed a platform where investors can invest with confidence in newly released projects. You can get early access to the most promising projects in their early stages. AVNRich aims on bringing the best crypto-projects where investors can participate. This article will go over AVNPAD and how to participate in IDO’s.

What is AVNPAD?

AVNRich Launchpad enables new projects to raise funds through token sales by allowing investors to participate in their early stages before they are made public. The AVNPAD platform integrates and incorporates AVN into the token sale process.

What is AVNPAD?


One of the fundamental flaws of existing launchpads is that obtaining enough tokens to participate in the ecosystem is prohibitively expensive, and even staking the tokens does not guarantee an allocation spot. They work on a first-come, first-served basis, with automated bots quickly filling whitelist spots.


AVNPAD is developed as a solution to the existing launchpad issues that prevent fair participation on IDO’s. AVNPad is a new platform that aims to improve the DEX multichain IDO launchpad, provides token distribution and raise liquidity. AVNPAD eliminates first come, first served by using automated bots providing fair decentralized launches in which everyone who stakes AVN gets a guaranteed allocation to participate in IDO.

Before a project can be launched on AVNPAD, they must first go through our platform’s approval processes. We want to guarantee the safety of AVNPAD investors, and that’s our top priority.

All projects to be launched on AVNPad will go through KYC with our partners and will be fully audited and vetted to protect AVNPad investors from scams and rug pull. They will be assessed by the AVNRich team and respective partners before conducting an IDO.

Project’s liquidity and team token will be locked for investors safety.

AVNPad only launches top-tier projects in the crypto space.

AVNPAD only provides the most innovative projects and investments on the Binance Smart Chain network.

How to participate on AVNPAD IDO’s?

How to Participate in IDOs?

Terms and Conditions:

Some of the requirements for participating in IDO are as follows:

IDO requires a minimum of 2000 AVN to participate.

Participants must stake AVN before or during IDO sales.

AVN can only unstake 7 days after IDO ends.

Everyone gets a guarantee allocation based on the amount of AVN Stakes on AVNPad.

Users are not allowed to buy more than their allotted amount.

AVNPAD ELIGIBILTY TIERS: (see the image below)

For tiers of eligibility, please see the image above

Crypto currency risks and warnings

The risks of trading cryptocurrencies are primarily associated with their volatility. They are high-risk and speculative, and you should be aware of the risks before you begin investing and trading. They are volatile: unexpected changes in market sentiment can cause sharp and unexpected price movements. AVNRich will not be liable for any price drop. Investors are advised to always DYOR before investing in IDO on AVNPAD.



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