The Grand Launch of AVNRich Shopping Platform

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3 min readOct 25, 2020

The website is back! We are opening the new website bringing an opportunity to all individual vendors, companies and businesses. We are very excited to announce that AVNRich shopping platform is now a multi-vendor platform. AVNRich team aims to meet the needs of all people throughout the world and to accomplish this, we decided to build a multi-vendor shopping website. We made shopping easy-to-reach by hand with AVNRich Multi-Vendor Shopping platform.

What is AVNRich Multi-Vendor Shopping platform?

An online shopping platform that allows users to create their own stores on the website. This is free-to-use for anyone who wants to sell their goods and products online, independent vendors can sell their products through a single shopfront at AVNRich Shopping platform. The goal is to attract visual attention of businesses and companies to build their store on our website and help them gain more customers who can enjoy their products worldwide.

What is AVN Collection?

AVN Collection is made available on the website. We create a unique page for AVN Collection where you can easily choose your favorite designs. We made the AVNRich Collection to leverage the trust of our existing customers and supporters toward our original brand. The AVN Collection are customized AVN products of different sizes, types, colors, qualities, and prices. We want to bring you the pleasure of seeing and wearing the logo of our project.

AVN Collection

We added some new features that were not available in our previous website like tracking of order, store manager where a seller can organize and arrange his/her store, we also added individual wallets feature for all users where they can top-up or fill their wallets and where to receive instant rewards in making use of AVNRich multi-vendor shopping platform. The website is supported with Paypal and cryptocurrency and AVN token will be available for shopping on our platform on January 2021 as a payment method.

New features:

1. Multi-Vendor

2. AVNRich Mall

3. Individual Wallet

4. Tracking Order

5. Wishlist

6. Ticket Support

7. Order history

And for the further modification that we made, we have also provided a better appearance of the official logo of AVN token. The avnrich website and the avn token will have one logo. AVNRich Official Logo

AVNRich Official Logo

We will constantly find ways to meet your demands. Thank you for the continued support of AVNRich Project!

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