We are thrilled to announce that AVNRich is now registered at the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS. We have obtained the license to operate the company and it is an honor that we are proud of.

In response to your anticipation and continued support for this project, We are taking a legal step to prove that we will continue to be a stable company. To deliver the confidence that your investments are safe, and eliminate your fears. We wish success for all of us, we will continue our hard work for the continued growth of this project


The content of this article is to let you know that the smart contract of AVN token is not functioning well. We discovered an issue while we were executing the plan of locking and burning the tokens on the smart contract.

What is a Smart Contract?

Smart Contract is a tiny program that is stored and executed on the blockchain to make it trustless and secure. This is a piece of code that can be performed automatically in a particular way. Smart contracts have the power in receiving, sending and storing funds.

How does a Smart Contract work?

A smart contract carried out a contemporary interest with cryptographic code. A basic…

The website is back! We are opening the new website bringing an opportunity to all individual vendors, companies and businesses. We are very excited to announce that AVNRich shopping platform is now a multi-vendor platform. AVNRich team aims to meet the needs of all people throughout the world and to accomplish this, we decided to build a multi-vendor shopping website. We made shopping easy-to-reach by hand with AVNRich Multi-Vendor Shopping platform.

What is AVNRich Multi-Vendor Shopping platform?

An online shopping platform that allows users to create their own stores on the website. This is free-to-use for anyone who wants to…

ANVRich is running for some months and within these months AVNRich trend is smooth. Today, we are going to launch our Branch of business which uses the AVNRichDeFi platform and the AVNSWAP System.

AVN token is our main cryptocurrency which is the core product of the AVNRICH project. AVNRICH is an e-commerce company and AVN token has been created to use as a payment method in our AVNRICH shopping platform and to reward users through shopping. …

Have you ever heard about DEFI? Defi is the hottest topic in the crypto space right now. It’s a more eye-catching movement than the legendary ICO of 2017. Many Defi projects are developed everyday and there are currently $7.84B Total Value locked on defi. You heard about DEFI everywhere and you get about to perceive the intended meaning of it. Let us give you a short understanding of DEFI and how it works through continuously reading this article.

What is DEFI?
DEFI or Decentralized Finance System is a movement that aims at making a new financial system that is open for…


Take the opportunity to participate in our trading competition and have a chance to win the reward pool of 4 000 000 AVN token.

The trading competition will be held at ABIT Exchange on the 24th of July 2020 at 9:30 PM IST, the activity period will end on the 10th of August, 2020 at 9:30 PM IST. The trading competition event will be done for 15 days. All participants should be a verified user of ABIT exchange, please complete your KYC at ABIT Exchange before participating to avoid misunderstanding this event. …

We are thrilled to announce a partnership between AVNRICH and BitForex Trading Platform. BitForex is a global Top 10 cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to providing users with safe, professional, and convenient digital currency trading services. BitForex is leading the trend of the cryptocurrency exchange industry by effectively providing a wide range of trading tools including token trading, margin trading, and derivatives — constantly adapting to new market needs with the continuous introduction of new features.

To all the participants who joined the AVNRICH airdrop event, we are happy to inform you that the verification process is finished. The long wait is over! We feel your excitements because this is what you have been waiting for. We know many of you got disappointed due to the delay of the distribution but this is all we want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to keep our promise. We want you to know that we are not neglecting our jobs and responsibilities. …

We know that you are tired of waiting for such a long time for the airdrop distribution, We will still take this chance to say thank you for all your patience and the support that you are giving us.

We are happy to announce that we have now begun verifying all the participants.

Due to lots of requests from our Airdrop campaign participants and supporters who have joined the airdrop, we discovered that many of them submitted wrong details in the airdrop bot such as wrong erc20 wallet address and others are having issues with their telegram and Twitter accounts…

AVNRICH obviously wants to create a strong and a long-term relationship with our great supporters. AVNRICH offers great services, rebates and rewards, affordable prices with high quality stuff. We want to make sure that the quality and price are convincing because it came from the most reliable manufacturers.

We have done different campaigns in our Official Telegram Community to recognize the full worth and have well-known that our company is legitimate. AVNRICH has just started but has proven actions that the whole team is working hard for this project. We constantly find ways to enrich your lives.

Please click to…

Avnrich Token

AVNRICH (AVN) is an online shopping e-commerce company through the most secure payment system which includes paypal and cryptocurrency (AVN). www.avnrich.com

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